My first impression of her was rather one of beauty and grace. I guess, I had shorthanded it by just looking at her eyes and her mannerisms without due consideration for her kindness or her intellect. So to see, what else this beauty was made of, we went out to have coffee. It was raining […]


“Yes.” One word was enough to topple the castle of cards I had built for myself. I had used every burnt note of a past that should not exist in a happier timeline to make myself a place to call home. I remember my voice as I uttered it. It was confident and composed and […]


. . . “Don’t go. . . . Don’t go. . . . Please don’t go. . . . Please don’t leave me behind.” . . . Most battles I’d fought had begun with me angrily rejecting the mere idea of loss or any concept that I just could not let go off. . But […]


I wish I could say I‘ve been published for pay But, not a penny’s been placed in my hand This poet remains a pauper Estranged from the Promised Land What was once out of reach? For those of plain speech To poor to own paper or quill Without education and documentation Their poems were regarded […]


I had sparred with fate before. He always had something up his sleeve, no matter how empty handed he seemed. When we sat there playing a game of life, I moved my card of hearts to unconditional love and fate questioned my resolve, and when found nothing to stop me with, played his hand and […]

Truth #1

Water: 35 liters Carbon: 20 kg Ammonia: 4 liters Lime: 1.5 kg Phosphrus: 800g salt: 250g saltpetre: 100g Sulphur: 80g Fluorine: 7.5g iron: 5.6g Silicon: 3g and 15 other elements in small quantities…. thats the total chemical makeup of the average adult body. Modern science knows all of this, but there has never been a […]


“You’ve done enough with my hair already, right?” I pushed away her hands as gently as possible. She stood behind me for a little bit longer, but after a slight smile, she pulled a chair over and sat next to me. I couldn’t face her directly so I looked in another direction disinterested. Suddenly, she […]