Consciousness surfaced slowly with the sun. Floating in the warmth of the light and the clean bed sheets carried with it a feeling of glee. He eventually decided he’d slept in enough and sat up. He felt a crinkle in his shirt pocket – apparently he’d gone to bed fully dressed from his night out. He pulled out a napkin that he hadn’t remembered putting there. On it was a number and a red lipstick kiss. He laughed and started to crumple up the paper, but then flattened it out again and put it in the drawer of his desk. If he ever felt like sinning, it’d be nice to have someone to sin with. Hopefully he could remember the girl’s face.

With an empty stomach, he got dressed and headed out without too much messing around. Mica helped on Saturdays to prepare the church for the service the next day, and to run programs for the kids. An added bonus of working with the church was free breakfast and lunch.

At the town center was the usual Saturday bustle. A couple pickup trucks were parked on the side of the road near Bill’s Inn with townsfolk selling fruit and flowers picked from their home gardens. Couples and groups of friends milled about the pop-up farmer’s market and the general store. Mica gave a few dollars to an elderly man selling lilies, and took a few bunches in his arms on the way to the church.

Harvey and Annie had just arrived as well, busing themselves with tin trays of home-cooked food being warmed up on gas burners set on top of trellis tables. Annie looked up from her work to see Mica before Harvey did. The pretty brunette was visibly pregnant through her flowing, floral sundress. She walked up to meet Mica with open arms and a beaming smile, catching him off guard and knocking several of lilies out of his arms with an excited embrace.

“Oh! I’m sorry.” She said, still hugging him. “Harvey told me you’re up to it! You know, the, uhhh -“ she released Mica and gestured energetically with her hands, trying to remember the word. “The officiating! Thank you!” She hugged quickly hugged him again and Mica nervously hugged her back with his one free arm.

“It’s my pleasure. I just hope I can do it justice. You’re looking well, by the way,” Mica said. Annie stepped back and rubbed her belly lovingly.

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t be hitting on my wife-to-be.” Harvey had appeared beside them and was picking up the flowers that had been dropped. “It’s good to see ya, Mica.” He gave him a quick side arm hug. “Care for some breakfast before we kick some ball with the kids?”

Before a response could be made, a klaxon horn wailed above the town from the mining ware house. Mica looked to Harvey. “You think a mine collapsed.”

“No,” he said thoughtfully. He turned his red head around slowly, seeing everyone in town stopped in their tracks, wondering what was happening. “No one is digging mines on Saturday. I don’t know why there’s an alarm.”

Suddenly, the klaxon cut out. The whole town was silent. Mica looked around and saw that big Bill had stepped out of his Inn to look around. The ivory-handled .44 magnum was tucked in his belt. The smell of blood had started to waft in from among the trees. Mica wished he had his long knife with him. He took a moment to remember the light magic he knew. A glowing orb appeared in his hand, ready for whatever was in the trees.

Then, there was a chorus of murderous shouting. Figures darted from behind bushes brandishing clubs. They ran inhumanly fast, like dogs chasing rabbits, cracking townsfolk in the skulls and knocking them unconscious. One of the attackers appeared in front of the church, screaming like he was in agonizing pain. He was clubbing down old women and children before he darted at Mica and his company. Harvey ran to retrieve a hatchet from his truck, just a few feet away. Just as the attacker was upon him, Harvey swung the hatchet with both hands and buried it in his ribs. But it didn’t stopped the crazed individual. He delivered a vicious strike to Harvey’s right shoulder that threw him sideways into his truck and snapped the club like a twig. Harvey fell onto the pavement, unconscious. His assailant grabbed the handle of the hatchet and wrenched it from his torso with a grunt. He brought the grizzly tool down on Harvey’s neck.

Annie was the next person that this madman saw, and he ran at her without a moment of thought. Mica unleashed the beam of light from his palm into the man’s face, blinding him. He only stopped dazed for a moment before he began slashing at the air in front of him and walking aimlessly. Mica grabbed Annie and pulled her to Bills Inn, thinking the big man could protect them. But when he got there, Bill was laying unconscious or dead with the rest of them.

Annie sank to her knees, screaming hysterically. Two of the attackers appeared from around the corner of the inn. Mica realized who they were now. He grabbed the pistol from Bill’s unmoving hand and aimed it at one of the blood cult warriors. “Rotten scum,” he spat, then blasted a baseball-sized hole in the chest of one. He cast a beam to blind the second berserker, then cocked the pistol for the second shot. Mica shot it through his head, exploding it.

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