The Answers I found. (Part 1)

The Answers I found. (Part 1)

I suppose the people I lost remember me for my flaws and their outcomes.

I suppose I remember the people I lost for the good in their souls and the things that could be.

No wonder, we can never be on the same page.

For they believe, I’ll forever be the person who I once was.

For I believe, they will forever be the people they once were.

How do you make peace with that?

You live and let live.

How do I make peace with that?

I don’t know.

The flicker of hope that once found it’s place in my heart refuses to die out. I want to hope that one day we could just forget all the pain from the past and relive our lives without the mistakes our misguided selves made.

This is a fool’s ballad written on a paper and tossed into the oceans after being packed in a bottle, only to forgotten for all eternity until one fine day, someone finds it, and the very lie that we have moved on, turns upon itself.

Life is not a movie. It’s not ‘3 idiots’ for the pair of Raju and Farhan to go looking for their best mate.

But a life without dreams, hope and love, is just a passing existence, tis just living for the sake of living.

Dreaming of impossible things is something that children do. But the very reason I live in the world I live, is cause someone dared to dream of the impossible.

Here rests my Ballad to the day that has the chances of coming true of 1 in 14 billion.

(Edit : This lacks the finesse or structure for obvious reasons. My apologies for rambling on about stupid shit.)

5 thoughts on “The Answers I found. (Part 1)

  1. This isn’t stupid shit!
    Its wonderfully penned!

    I wanted to mail you but there was no option in your contact form. So here I am

    I want to thank you for taking time out to read and like my posts. I hope you enjoyed my series for the A-Z challenge. Nevertheless it means so much to me that you spent that much time on my blog. You made my day!
    I have only read a couple of your posts but I can tell that you write exactly what you feel and there is no better way to express yourself than to put your words out there!

    Thank you once again,
    Hoping to read more from you!

    Dream ❤

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    1. Firstly, my apologies for not having my contact details up in there.

      Secondly, I was just pulled into the writing and spent the better part of an hour reading through the pages. So great work there, fellow blogger! You have excellent work up.

      And finally, thank you very very much for your kind words. Due to my own misconceptions, I prefer to be my harshest critic, thereby apologising to any audience in advance if I feel that what I write is subpar.

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      1. Aw thank you very much!
        We do tend to be our harshest critics, but you need to realize that you work isn’t subpar!
        Yes maybe one or two posts our hearts won’t be in it but that doesn’t mean that other won’t find it touching. After all writing and reading is entirely up to perceptions!


  2. I wish we could forget hurt and pain, it haunts some of us from time to time. They say time never heals anything, it only teaches us how to live with pain, but it is the pain, the strife and the resulting evolution that makes a person beautiful 🙂 some of us have seen life too closely.

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