Rivers Four! (+1)

Rivers Four! (+1)

That was fast.
One blink and the green lady was set at her table with her legs up like nobody’s business and the next, she was at the quest board, looking at the tiers of quest. James kept his observations to himself though, trying to avoid discomforting the patrons while holding his makeshift bag up in the air, so as to not bonk them with it’s contents, much of which was weaponry and bandit loot.

While some part of his jacketed shirt did graze against some heads, he apologised and moved forward until he was at the board, reading.

As his hues quickly went over the pages hanging neatly in tiers by nature of quest and type of crew required, a blade sang through the air and landed on a page with a weird font, something that was somewhat legible but largely unintelligible, as if some sort of ancient latin based Greek based in hieroglyphs.
“Apologies, I was just-.”, hoping to not have hit something by accident,
“Drake?”, he inquired as he turned to the green female.
“We could do it, if you would have someone as inexperienced as me on your team.”
As proof, he held up his guild coin.

“Oh that’s no problem, don’t you worry.” She kicked off the board, ripping her dagger out of the wall and catching the job posting as it fell off the board. She smirked at him as she walked towards the receptionist counters and placed the offering in front of one of the women.
“I’ll be taking this, along with my party the River’s Four, and our newest party member, right over here.” She pointed over at the man that had just agreed to her offer. The receptionist was Lea thankfully, and while she would probably chide that certain party for picking something out of their league, the fact that James was tagging along meant that they would probably be fine. She sighed and nodded her head, stamping the contract with an under way mark and slid it under the counter, waving away Mandy, who confidently strode past James on her way back to her table.
“Come with me, I’ll introduce you.”

There’s Mandy the goblin, self titled leader. She’s a jack of all trades when it comes to combat archetype, her only real bad points are taking hits and using magic
Trix the Witch. Support and damage caster. She’s the group’s magic expert
Darius the knight. Resident meathead and proud knight. No one is as good at getting as him
And Ray. Dashing rogue and information gatherer. He specializes in stealth and sneak attacks, and is handy with lockpicking

Together they made the River’s Four, an ambitious rookie adventuring party made of childhood friends. While they were merely bronze ranked, they tried their best; most likely by the end of the year, they might hit silver rank! That might change however, with this next quest they took on, and the man they were set to travel with.

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