Trixy lanterns.

Trixy lanterns.

“Trix has a few tools for that, right?” Mandy spoke, eyeing the girl that seemed to be zoning out.
“Of course, observe.” She lifted her staff. Closing her eyes while she spoke mumbled some form of incantation to herself. When she opened her eyes again, she tapped her staff to the ground, releasing an invisible wave of magic through the surrounding area. While the others couldn’t really detect it, james’ innate ‘enhancements’ would make it easy to detect. The wave was quick and far reaching. To put it simply, it was like a sonar ping on a nautical vessel, except magic..

“No potentially threatening things spotted yet. Oh!” Trix remembered after a moment why she did what she did. “This is search magic. I send out a light wave of magic that reflects off of magic sources. Since living things have an innately have a bit of magic in them, it will bounce off them and back to me in a sense, allowing me to gain a sense and feeling if something is around depending on how much Is reflected back. Typically something much magically stronger will reflect back a stronger effect. I can simply focus a longer range search in a cone towards the entrance of the cave to detect if the drake is in fact down there. Their strength makes it easy to tell if what is down there is our target.” She looked between everyone. Hoping her explanation was sufficient. “Conjuring isn’t my area of expertise, im afraid I can’t summon something to inspect the cave for us.”

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