The monstrous being turned to the petite green goblin, standing at attention only to loosen his form as he was asked to follow and meet his team. Were they a team? They seemed more like a bunch of friends out on a halloween picnic dressed in fancy wear.
He only tilted his head curiously.
Magic huh?
He had yet to experience the full extent of magic, being more of a brute melee basher than dealing with any magic at all, support, travel or otherwise.
Before moving over to the table, he had given a once over to the remaining jobs, seemingly about all sorts of creatures and situations, fantastical or otherwise. And now he stood, ready to take one of them on.
In true earthlike fashion of respect, he offered a firm handshake to each member of the river’s, not enough to break limbs but enough to slightly pull them off their feet.
Most interestingly, each touch of skin tingled upon his hand and subsequently let him know even more of their strengths and weaknesses and the way he would expect attacks from all of them. A touch of information, an interesting power mayhaps.

He tried to formulate a plan of action with his next course, only to realise, “When do we set off?”

“We set off at once!” Darius bangs his enclosed fist on the table, while the rest of the table cheers in agreement…

It was about a day later now, constant marching and a night camping had finally led them to the mountain that the drake was sighted on. The face of the mountain that they approached was dressed with a thick forest, one that reached up a good bit before fading into the rock and stone that dominated the rest of the mountainside. Before approaching, Ray took out a small spyglass looked up at the mountain searching for anything out of the ordinary before they went beneath the treeline. His face was pensive as she scanned high up the mountain, sighing after a moment before he addressed the rest of the party.
“It was spotted on this side of the mountain, but i don’t see anything up near the top of the mountain. If I had to guess, there might be a cave opening somewhere deeper in the forest, rather than up high on the mountain itself.”

“Or we’re hiking around the whole damn thing. Huh?” Mandy replied, rolling her eyes. “Let’s keep focused. Info is usually spotty with monsters like this. Not to mention, it’s probably not the only thing in this forest.”

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