Thats all he had done for the waking hours ever since the less than stellar bang on the table. The ragtag bunch of friends had a snarky goblin, poking sarcastic jabs whenever possible, a loudmouth of a knight, speaking of bravado and a soft spoken airheaded witch who spoke of magic and books and any thing she found fancy, though the loner rogue barely had much dialogue, often just supplementing with an occasional murmur or response, his eyes darting across the shadows and landscapes.

The drake, eh?
A giant flying lizard, who may spit blobs of magic fire or whatever element it was supposed to be born of. He had read about a few draconian creatures in his childhood. If this world was anything like it, this was going to be sighting worth burning in memory.
Nonetheless, he just listened and listened until,
Cave system at the bottom of a mountain.
If an enraged wild elephant on earth was anything of an example, he knew following a beast to it’s lair was a fool’s errand. The cave would possibly collapse onto itself trapping them in or burying them alive.

The reconnaissance had to be carried out carefully. A beast could turn out to be a horde and getting overrun would be the least of their worries then. Somehow he had taken a liking to this bunch of raggedy mishmash of beings, it would be less than fortunate if something were to happen to them.
So he asked in a sombre yet inquisitive tone,
“Do we have any items or magic which aid into exploring a cave without entering? If not, we need to gauge the threat level before we move in on the flying drake.”

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