Dragon hunting?

Dragon hunting?

Already up by the quest board was the goblin from before. It was a simple act of prediction: He had just completed a job, so he’d look for another. To make it seem like coincidence, she had already hopped up and started to browse during the time it took for him to walk back to his table and then walk to the board. While letting her eyes cast over the jobs she’s searched through multiple times even today, she turned to look at the man, which was it’s own issue. Considering her height, she had to crane her head pretty much as far back as it could go to look up at him.

“Hey, new guy!” She called up to him. “Looking for work?” She leaped up high as she flashed a dagger, stabbing it deep into the bounty board right above a quest listing, which she was quick to point out while hanging off her dagger, letting her be a bit closer to head height. “My crew was planning on setting forth and dealing with a drake problem, you interested?” She had seen the drake job hanging up for quite a while, but no one had taken up the offer, and an extermination party hadn’t been called by the guild. It was a matter everyone wanted to wait-and-see about, rather than take action against a drake that hadn’t yet done anything. It would just be a waste of resources to fight something dangerous that wasn’t doing anything to the surrounding human settlements…

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