An ode to what ifs #6

An ode to what ifs #6


Pointers for music and songs –

1. Dedicate a corner or room to music, books and songs. This corner has to have perfect lighting and should be acoustically balanced. Along with atleast a big comfy couch. Fill it up with your music collection and book collection over time.

2. On days you feel like dancing with her, put on some song and then pull her into a dance. Can be anything from a simple romantic ensemble to a random bollywood song.

3. On some night ins, dress up with her and waltz to slow romantic music. If not, just pour her some wine and sit there on the couch and feel the music take over your souls.

4. Keep a dedicated time before dozing off and after waking up when the music corner plays some songs or just the radio. The music will bring a vibe to your home and help you develop a certain sense of peace.

5. On days you feel poetry flow through your heart, write it down. Then later in the night, sit her down in your music corner and recite it to her.

6. Learn atleast one music instrument. You have some inclinations towards guitars and violins. So pick one and get to practicing when you want to de-stress.

7. This will sound cliched but make her a mixtape/ playlist and send it to her when she’s off over the town having her work day or any random plans.

8. Karaoke occasionally. Hopefully you will learn how to sing by then. If not, just have fun and let go of your concerns. She will understand your love.

9. On nights when it rains, bring out her favorite songs and softly sing along. Together if possible.

10. Get a high quality music system in both of your cars. Long drives and travel will feel a lot easier and better.

11. Surprise her with occasional candle light dates in the music corner. Food can be anything from something you cooked personally or just KFC.

Lastly, finish every song you sing along with and dance to with a slight kiss on her lips and a ‘I love you’.

All the best.

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