An ode to what ifs.

An ode to what ifs.

Return after a break and you spend the day clearing off the backlog of mindless work. Whether it be as mundane as clearing off the dust off your bag or reading through mail that is irrelevant at that point but the job demands that you respond.

Eventually I was briefed about the gossip and work that happened while I was away and then left alone to deal with whatever I had to get done before I was done for the day.

My hands and eyes dealt with the mundane stuff while my mind had wandered off (or should I say fucked off?) to the realms of thought.

I wouldn’t be able to explain the process as to how I started off at the current border crisis and ended up at a plan for a future where everything went as I wanted it to. Most probably, it is more along the lines of the dialogue I had initiated about why were we not just bombing the shit out of everything like in Afghanistan and Syria.

Ah well, thats a fun discussion for some time where a discussion can be had on person. So, let me get to my weird goal for the coming days. I am going to write down some pointers to my future self or an alternate reality self who actually made the last week as I dreamed it out to be.

Disclaimer- I know how much of a stupid idea it is. I know I will end up getting embarassed as fuck if it was ever shown to anyone. Howsoever, I also decided to be more instinctive. So, this is for the guy who made it, if he exists. Else, I can just laugh at my own expense.

Let’s begin.

She’s a human. She’s imperfect. She will hurt you unintentionally. She will end up hurting herself. There are times you would not be able to understand anything and that is okay. She will be back to the soulful person she is. You have to hang on to her hand even if she jumps into a firestorm by herself. Remember to be kind to yourself and to her when the going gets tough. The past does threaten to repeat itself at times, and it is then you must remind yourself of the lessons that tore you apart and built you back up. You made it this far, and I sure as hell believe in you to make all your and her dreams happen.

If you feel like shit, come the fuck on man, you are stronger than the pain that holds you back.

This is basic stuff I want you to remember. I think Ill add other more specific stuff in other parts.

All the best.

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